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Hey there awesome people!


Name’s Ranz (Pronounced like the Country France just without the “F‘) He/Him/His


I’m 21, I took a couple years off after I graduated because I went to work, but now I’m ready to experience the uni life and make some new friends


Hometown: I was born in Manila, Philippines (although I pretty much grew up here in Moncton and I’ll be a Canadian Citizen soon, woot woot )


High School: Proud Trojan, Grad of 2018 at Harrison Trimble


Program: Bachelor of Fine Arts


Residence: Thornton! (Thornton peeps hmu)


Music: I listen to a variety of genres from 50’s to Present ( Classic, Folks, Rocks, Blues, Rap, Pop etch) but all in all I’m a huge fan of the Punk Rock Green Day. If you have a Spotify account feel free to follow me @Astroranzy or dm me your username and I can just follow you I have a bunch of somewhat organized playlist and you can check if we listen to the same songs


Movies: I’m a huge fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars, I grew up watching Pixar/Disney Films, Studio Ghibli films, Wes Anderson Films, Quentin Tarantino Films, Pop Culture Films and I love adventure films (Secret life of Walter Mitty, Yes Man and Paper towns) I do also take some movie suggestions if you guys have any


TV Shows: The Office of course, Parc and Recs, Brooklyn 99, The Goodplace, Community, Dark, The Mandalorian and a lot more!


Food: Love Japanese foods! Specifically Ramen and Japanese Curry (but I pretty much eat anything lol)


Party: its's better if you don't


Clean/Messy: Cleaned and Organized


Shy/Outgoing: I’m definitely easy outgoing!!


Pets: none atm (Although I’ve always wanted a cat)


Hobbies: I’m an absolute artsy, I do a lot of inking and making designs. I’ve been practicing tattooing on fake skins and fruits during my free time


I’d love to be friends with y’all! Add me up

SC: @rayusaki18 IG: @renzeus_bondragon (I’ll follow you guys back)


Sending my good vibes to everyone, I’m honestly excited and I look forward meeting all of you wonderful people till then, stay safe

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